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NOX Systems - Perfecting your sense of security

The integrated system that combines all your security needs in one single solution

NOX presentation

Our NOX video presentation explains the many possibilities of the system.

All of our partners are very welcome to use the video.

New webpage

Our new website gives you a lot of new opportunities.

For example, you can create favorite lists so you can easily find the products you often order.

Vi söker folk

Vi söker projektledare och supporttekniker för att utveckla vår närvaro på den svenska marknaden.

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Meet us at SKYDD in Stockholm

Meet us at the Nordic region's largest security fair - SKYDD - in Stockholm, 23-25 October.


What is ARAS Security A/S

ARAS Security is a recognized specialist and partner, with a complete product range and wide range of access control, alarm, camera monitoring and ID card production services.

With over 30 years in the industry we are able to advise and guide in designing and implementing projects of all sizes.