Software consultancy


Software and consulting services


As integrations become more and more complex, we have learned that still more installers are requesting the opportunity to let ARAS set up software for specific projects.


To ensure that projects meet the needs and wishes of the end users, and to prevent that a complex integration does not become a "show-stopper" for some installers, ARAS Security will now offer software setup services to end users in cases where the installer does not want / have knowledge in-house.


To avoid a competitive element between the installer and us, we will take on the task at a net price of DKK 1,500, - per hour excl. VAT. Thus, there should be plenty of room for the installer to take on the task himself.


We would like to emphasize that this is NOT the installation itself, we will never break into the installation in any way. It is all about ensuring that the software delivered in connection with the installation lives up to the promises the customer has been given at the sale.


Examples include:

  • Graphic setup in a SIMS installation
  • AD integration
  • CardExchange integration
  • Set up of license plate recognition camera software
  • Guest Registration Setup.