SIMS - Management system

SIMS - Management System for NOX


SIMS unites your independent NOX networks and lets you control and monitore hte system from a single platform.


User-friendly and customized

With SIMS, the end user gets an easy-to-understand graphical user interface, tailored to their particular setup. SIMS provides full control over buildings via maps and floor plans, and lets the administration simply control access conditions for employees.

SIMS provides the full overview of a company's Intelligent Building Installations, Access Control, Automatic Fire Alarm, CCTV and Burglar Alar, in on single platform.

Up to 999 NOX main central units can be connected to a SIMS system. 



SIMS can be integrated with intelligent building systems from all over the world.
With an Active Directory integration, the entire organization's user management is gathered in one place, and with a camera integration, the possibilities are enormous.

You can set a camera to respond to events detected by a NOX module, and thus get live images when it makes a difference. With the Eocortex Video System, other modern access technologies can be utilized, such as license plate recognition and face recognition.


Design the graphic look yourself

• You can create your own design and control flow

• Select which colors and floor plans are displayed

• Choose your own buttons and icons

• Determine the buttons functions and shortcuts

• SIMS has built-in templates to help








NOX brochure (English)

Read more about the advantages and possibilities of the NOX System.

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SIMS brochure (Danish)

Read more setup and possibilities of the SIMS System.

Download brochure (Danish)

SIMS Management- Short explication


SIMS Demo præsentation